• Environmental
    Our single use system uses significantle less water and
    energy then alternative systems.
  • Nursing Benefits
    Our single use system Provides proveen time savings,
    relesing more time to care.
  • Financial Benefits
    Our single use system delivers sustainable savings across
    global healthcare markets.
  • Infection Prevention
    Our single use system and innovative new products help
    to break the chain of infection.
  • Ebola Information
    Patients and health care workers safety, guidance
    notes and products information.

Welcome to Pacoz Disposable Medical Pulp

Pacoz is medical trade supplier, has been providing a widest range of medical device and disposable healthcare products since 2011. Our service orientated in offering high quality, user-friendly and cost-effective medical products for hospital, clinic, elderly home, professionals and long term care patients etc. In the past few years, we have exported our medical product to over 10 countries in the nursing and healthcare field.

Key features
・Durable and clean
・Ergonomically shaped
・No bleach colouring
・Water resistance for up to 4 hours

Key Benefits
・Reduce the risk of cross-infection
・Save nursing time and improve work conditions
・Deliver a better patient experience
・Lower the environmental and cost impact

We provide vernacare alternatives product which is 100% vernacare compatible with vernacare pulp, including:
vernacare bedpan liner, vernacare commode pan liner, vernacare midi slipper Pan Liner, vernacare maxi slipper pan liner,
vernacaren bowl (including vernacare small bowl, vernacare Medium Bowl, vernacare Large Bowl, vernacare wash bowl)
vernacare urinal bottle (including vernacare VernaFem-Female Urinal, vernacare male urinal bottle, vernacare female urinal bottle),
vernacare measuring jug, vernacare kidney dish, vernacare cs receiver, vernacare multi cup

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