General Purpose Bowl 3L

1) 100% Biodegrable and compostable.

2) Disposable for prevention of cross-contamination infections.

3) Easy carrying and holding when it is full.

4) Steady with flat bottom.

5) Stackable design - easy to store and separate.

6) Suitable for disposal in a macerator.

7) Optional lids prevent accidental prevent accidental spillage.

Price USD$ / 1000 pc: USD$145
MOQ: 40HQ/40GP OR USD$15000+ (20GP add 10% charge)
Payment Term: FOB China
Product Term: Can mix with any pulp product unless urinals
Product Code: DP-22
Capacity: 3000ml
Material: Paper pulp (100% newsprint)
Product Size: Up dia: 290mm, Down Dia: 190mm, H: 102mm
Weight: 75g
Fluid Resistance: Compatible with British Standard: PAS29:1999
Fluid Tested: Water
Resitance Time: >4 Hours
Resistance Temp: 35ºC ± 3ºC
Disposability: By maceration in accordance with PAS29:1999
Units Per Carton: 100
Cartons Dimensions: 290 x 290 x 660mm
Quantity in a 20 GP (Carton): 450
Quantity in a 40 GP (Carton): 900
Quantity in a 40 HQ (Carton): 1065

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